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Percussion Cable Tool Well Drilling

Stevens Well & Pump uses a percussion style well drilling machine, commonly known as a cable tool well drill. This method of well drilling involves dropping a heavy carbide tipped drill into the ground until the necessary depth is reached. The drill is attached to a very long metal cable, which is attached to the drill rig (truck). The rig pulls up the cable a few feet and then quickly drops it back down, thus slamming the attached drill deeper into the ground. As the drill works its way into the ground, the cable depth is continually adjusted to ensure the drill keeps progressing deeper while maintaining maximum pounding force. Throughout this process, the rig operator will take water samples to determine when a satisfactory amount of water is being produced from the well. Once the well yields enough water, they will go a little further to make room for the pump before finishing.

The advantages of using the percussion cable tool well drilling method are that they can be used with all types of land formations, the rig is relatively compact allowing it access to more locations, and they have the greatest potential of opening access to water ways due to their earth shattering pounding method. Compared with other common drilling methods such as rotary cable tool, the percussion cable tool method requires more time to complete a well drilling project. But due to the substantial operational cost savings associated with the percussion cable tool method, the cost to the consumer is usually the most competitive.

Pump System Installations

Stevens Well & Pump is able to install a wide variety of water pump systems. Nearly all modern wells use a submersible multi-stage pump which is installed deep inside the well. Submersible pumps produce smooth, even water flow while keeping the pump noise outside the home. Some pump installations use Jet pumps. A jet pump is installed inside the home and is more common with shallow wells. The jet pumps become very inefficient as the depth of the well increases and as such they're not recommended for anything more than about 85 feet. Picking the right pump is a very important part of a properly functioning water supply, and we would be happy to help you in making that decision.

Service Work

In addition to well and pump installations, Stevens Well & Pump provides other service work. We can dig the trenches needed to run piping from the pump to the house, create drainage ditches and other landscaping modifications needed to properly control ground water, as well as many other landscaping and related installation services. Most times we are able to meet all of your needs, but if you need something outside the scope of our work, we have been in the business a long time and can point you in the right direction.

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